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Immortal Seats Sports & Entertainment Convention Volunteer Information:

Location: Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL

Date: 11.9.23


Legal Age to Work: Must be 18 years old with proof of ID and legal US resident. ID will be checked.

 Working Hours:  9am-5pm. Show hours are 10am-5pm

Event Shirt: Will Receive Event Shirt

Volunteer Work During Event : Will assist the event in terms of customer service and working talent booths or any ticketing assistance.

Meeting Talent: Will be allowed to meet any talent at the event, which includes autographs and photo ops. Limited to 2 autographs.

-This is a volunteer, position and will be non paid.

Meals: $20 towards a meal will be provided to every volunteer. Meals can b e purchased at concessions inside the event at Tampa Bay Convention Center. No outside food or beverages are permitted by the convention center.  If alchol is served at the concession, no alchol will be allowed to consumer by any volunteer during this event.

Parking: is not included and the volunteer is responsible for parking theor own vehicle.

Tardiness for the event will not be allowed. Any volunteer arriving passed 9am is not guaranteed to be allowd to work the event.

Personal Items: Convention Center does not provide any lockers. Any personal items such as bags, phones, wallets and etc if lost or misplaced. Immortal Seats is not responsible.  Volunteer is responsible for their belongings.

Prohibited Items: Food, beverages, cigarettes, or weapons of any kind are prohibited at the Tampa Convention Center.  All bags will be checked upon entry into the venue.  Any violation security requirements of Tampa Convention center will be turned over to legal authority.

Immortal Seats  is equal and opportunity employer and does reserve the right to deny any individual for any reason of employment or volunteering for this event.  No application for employement or volunteering position with Immortal Seats is guaranteed and all hiring is up to descretion fo Immortal Seats.

Further questions can be emailed to support@immortalsetats.com

If Interested in volunteering, please submit this form.